Alright, STOP! Elaborate and listen . . .

31 days.  Grafted into a network of bloggers writing on a personally-selected, consistent topic for the month of October.  And I selected to title my series something nebulous like "Planting Good Grass"?  Could I be any more vague?  (Probably. Yep, definitely.)

Why don't we get some clarity, yes? Okay, here we go...

I've got a lot of vision.  I'm feeling fairly chock full of it these days.  It's exciting stuff.  But at the same time I'm dreaming dreams and weighing them out to assess and discover if their made of good stuff or just hollow, there are lots of bits of life that go on needing attention and tender-loving-care.  With my back turned too focused on any one area, things can unravel quickly in another, like an untended yard overgrowing with weeds.  These 31 days will be the chronicle of me working on bringing a better balance, an order, to my life and the four other lives who reside under my roof.

It will be about thoughtful work
to assign and appoint
my thoughts and energies and time and effort
so that those things don't run away from me

leaving me with dreams un-chased
relationships uncultivated
words unsaid
or days not fully lived.

I want to grow green, green grass.  So I'm casting better seed instead of just a-wishing for it.

Make sense?  I sure hope so.  Compelling?  It is for me.  I hope it is for you.

I decided to break down the goal into seven areas of focus.  Each weekday I'll talk about the happenings of one of the seven areas.  Here they are in no particular order (and please enjoy the extremely professional logos designed with the utmost cost-efficiency):

Throughout the month, I'll put links to the daily writings by topic for easy access below:

The Home

With five of us living here, there is always an endless list of tasks and projects beckoning for attention. The work here will be to sift through and make sure the essentials are being covered, the needs that have reached critical mass are being considered, and that this continues to be our favorite place to be as well as a comfortable landing place for our friends and family.
Day 6: zone work
Day 8: zone work part 2: why I'm not doing it
Day 10: ah, fall
Day 22: reclaiming a space

 Schedules & Time Management

Just like with our money, I'm learning that one of the worst things I can do with my time is not tell it where to go.  There's no faster way for me to find myself in a downward spiral than by not having a well-placed handle on priorities, and then letting that translate into how I'm spending my 24 hours.  I'm working through finding the freedom that comes from well-marked boundary lines.
Day 3: routines
Day 21: back and forth

Wife/Mom Stuff

Maybe I am doing what needs to be done as a wife and mom, but is my heart there?  Am I putting kiddos into their beds every night who know better how much they are loved, the wonder of who they are, and full of hope and future?  Do I look at my husband with intent and affection enough everyday that he still knows his brown eyes are the only ones I want to start and end a day looking into?  Not everyday.  Let's work that out...
Day 4: escape
Day 28: quiet


Undeniably every person's favorite topic, their very own "me, myself, and I".  Am I taking care of me?  I mean, really?  Or have I been seeing to much of me lately?  What does it look like for there to be wholeness in my entire integrated self - body, mind, and spirit?
Day 2: from within
Day 12: simply be with me
Day 29: of monasteries and bags of hope


I see you in my facebook feed.  I know we went to high school together almost 20 years ago or you once dated my best friend's cousin's sister.  Or maybe we were part of this random group of folks assembled around a common interest in a facebook group and decided we'd "friend" each other.  But do I know you? This is the time every week where the blog is turned over to YOU in interview style as I get to know YOU better!  I think I like you.  I think you might even make my grass greener.
Day 7: "do I know you" interview one: tara s. & michele b.
Day 9: "do I know you" interview two: frankie w.
Day 11: "do I know you" interview three: wanda w. & regina z.
Day 13: "do I know you" interview four: amanda c.
Day 15: "do I know you" interview five: travis & jessica g.

Day 18: "do I know you" interview six: k-row
Day 20: "do I know you" interview seven: terry & susan r.
Day 23: "do I know you" interview eight: stephanie k.
Day 26: "do I know you" interview nine: laura m.
Day 30: "do I know you" interview ten: jessica r.

Body Health


...because, let's face it, even Dave Ramsey says you're going to blow your money so go ahead and give it it's own "blow $" category.  My blogging isn't any different, so here's a space for potential frivolities!
Day 1: Alright, STOP! Elaborate and listen . . .
Day 14: being a better gardener
Day 16: I'm toast
Day 24: internet down makes me frown
Day 31: a good month

There you have it.  That's my plan.  Again, speak up loud and clear in the comments.  If you're reading, I'm listening . . . and ever so grateful.

I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous2:33:00 PM

    It's gonna be goooood!


  2. Anonymous3:41:00 PM

    Super super stoked here :) And I LuhHuv the illustrations :D
    Your personal Friday morning Cheerleader: Starr Leger :)

    1. Heh, heh. Me, the artiste!
      Thank you, Starrlight!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to hear more and make my own yard a little cleaner in the process. Love reading your stuff!

  4. Anonymous4:54:00 PM

    This is going to be a wonderful journey! I loved the drawings too. Can't wait to hear all the words

  5. Anonymous6:03:00 PM

    Let's get it on! Love you. Daddy


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