"do I know you" interview four: amanda c.

Okay, y'all. Meet Amanda! Amanda C.
A few words about Amanda: In all honesty, I don't think I've ever met another person like Amanda. Let me think...nope, not another one like her. She and I met through this amazing group of women called the Ladies Homestead Gathering and I feel like I just kind of instantly fell in love with her. She has a smile that makes her whole face glow and a laugh that's infectious. You can be sure she's going to whisper something slightly "off color" in your ear at some point, but if she does, it's because you've become her friend. She is brilliant and unbelievably multi-talented. She tells a great story, but it's the stories she's not telling that captivate me about Amanda. She has a heart of gold despite a world and a life that at times does it best to tarnish. I like this gal. She's a keeper. And for as much as I know she can talk, her short answers crack me up...off we go! (P.S. Don't tell her I can't stand Jimmy Buffett!) 1. Occupation? Bookkeeper, farmer and mother. Not in that order

2. How did we meet/how do we know each other? LHG

3. Single or married? Married ?????

4. What’s the greatest thing about being single or married? I'm not so sure. I'd say my kids, but I don't have to be married for that.

5. What was your first vehicle?  Love it or hate it?  Why?
Not my first but my favorite . . . a candy-apple red 1967 mustang. My granddaddy had it restored for me. It was amazing and I felt like one hot redhead behind the wheel.
6. Beach or mountains? Why?
Beach because that's where Jimmy Buffett would be.
7. Darkest time of your life? My miscarriage. I stayed in the hospital alone. I have never felt so alone.
8. Happiest childhood memory? Summers with my grandparents in Georgia. I met my BFF here. We spent every summer getting in trouble.

9. What would people be surprised or shocked to know about you? Without a doubt if I had a hot body I'd be a stripper.
10. What work of art (book, music, etc.) has heavily influenced you?  Why? Anything and everything by Jimmy Buffett. His songs can turn any frown upside down.

11. Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Why?
The White House. I was so excited to get invited there!

12. What brought you to the city you live in now?
Husband #1. I guess he did something good.
13. What is your favorite trait about yourself? Why? My sense of humor. It gets me through it all.

14. Vintage or brand new?

15. Fill in the blank: It’s quiet and no one is around. I think I will __________. . . . watch Sex and the City.

16. What would you describe as one of your biggest triumphs in life?
10 years of marriage and my husband's still alive.

17. City or country? Country.
18. If today was your last, what three things would you do?
I'd drink a margarita, dance on a bar, and tell my kids to not take life so serious. Have fun.

19. Fast food or “just say no”?
I want to say no, but somehow get stuck eating it.

20. If you got a tattoo (or another one) what would it be?
I've spent the last 20 years trying to get rid of the one I got . Huge mistake. But I wouldn't mind a hula girl on my ankle.


  1. Anonymous11:01:00 PM

    More good stuff, Blondie. Amanda is another cutie. I can see by her responses why you like her.


    1. Oh man, you would love her, Daddy. And she would love you. You two would be a mess together, cracking each other up!

      Thanks for always reading, Daddio.


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