facebook friend interviews - 2013

In October 2013, I decided to start "interviewing" my facebook friends.  I see them in my facebook feed.  I know we went to high school together almost 20 years ago or they once dated my best friend's cousin's sister.  Or maybe we were part of this random group of folks assembled around a common interest in a facebook group and decided we'd "friend" each other.  But do I know them? This is the time where the blog is turned over to THEM in interview style as I get to know THEM better! Click on the name to go to the interview.

interview 1:     tara and michele
interview 2:     frankie
interview 3:     wanda and regina
interview 4:     amanda
interview 5:     travis and jessica

interview 6:     karen
interview 7:     terry and susan (my parents)
interview 8:     stephanie
interview 9:     laura
interview 10:   jessica
interview 11:   erica and cher

interview 12:   amy

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