"do I know you" interview ten: jessica r.

Interview time again, friends.  This time for the tenth interview post it's the "perfect 10" that she is, Jessica R.
A few words about Jessica: I got excited about Jessica filling out the interview questions because I like her, but really don't know her.  She and I have been acquainted with each other for a little over two years. Like Frankie and Karen, we met through a local swap group on facebook. My sister (who eventually in this lifetime may actually complete her own copy of these interview questions so I can post them) was part of the group, too. She kept talking about "my friend Jessica", so by the time I ever first met Jessica - who I affectionately call J.R. - I was already pretty sold on her. One of my first observations about her was that she is incredibly talented, making beautiful handicrafts of all kinds from unique and exquisite hair accessories to converting old entertainment centers and discarded pieces of furniture into phenomenal play kitchens for kidlets. Seriously quality stuff. I also love J.R.'s sense of humor, in the dishing out and the taking. She's a funny one. Over time, though, the singular characteristic of Jessica that began to stand out to me the most was the way in which she "gets" community, life shared, the value of being in real relationship with people. I would notice that in under-the-radar ways she would have cooked a meal for a family who had suffered a misfortune or maybe added a new baby to their household, just because she cared enough. She'd go out of her way to drop something useful off at someone's home because she thought it worthwhile, that they were worthwhile. Jessica is grafted in to the city we live, not originally from here; a place that has elements to its community-at-large that can sometimes be tightly-knit to the point of exclusion. But with no pretension, just genuine thoughtfulness and no artificiality, she's become as much a part of Athens as any native Athenian I know. It takes tenacity to forge a life and relationships in a place you're not "from", to love a city and its people you didn't know prior. And it's Jessica's care and authenticity that makes it so easy to love her back.

Now, in her words . . .

1. Occupation?  Stay at home mama these days! 2. How did we meet/how do we know each other? Through our local swap group, but also through your sister Cher! 3. Single or married? Married woman! 4. What’s the greatest thing about being single or married? Having finally met the man that loves me just as I am and finally being able to be just that woman, nothing more or less. 5. What was your first vehicle? Love it or hate it? Why? A cream-colored 1981 Chevy Impala. We called her Tawanda! Loved her, like driving a cloud. 6. Beach or mountains? Why? Mountains. . . solitude, fires, and cozy clothes! 7. Darkest time of your life? When I struggled with infertility to conceive my first two children. 8. Happiest childhood memory? When my mom got me a trial of gymnastics for my 9th birthday and a NKOTB tape where they sing Happy Birthday. I was never going to be any good at gymnastics but I was so pleased to be able to try! 9. What would people be surprised or shocked to know about you? That I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 10. What work of art (book, music, etc.) has heavily influenced you? Why? I was a metal girl back in the day, Sepultura, Gwar, Pantera, Danzig, Slayer. They were influential when I was a teen/early adult. 11. Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Why? Wildwood, New Jersey. That is where Mike [husband] first took me on vacation, when he took me home to Pennsylvania to meet his folks. 12. What brought you to the city you live in now? My husband's unit in Maine was shut down due to budget cuts and the good old government said this is where we were going, so we came! 13. What is your favorite trait about yourself? Why? My skin. It's not perfect, but I like that I love it without makeup and feel myself that way. 14. Vintage or brand new? A mix of both. 15. Fill in the blank: It’s quiet and no one is around. I think I will __________. . . . sew. 16. What would you describe as one of your biggest triumphs in life?   Finally graduating from Arizona State University in 2009 with my BA. 17. City or country?  Used to say city but now that I have littles I see the value to some more room. 18. If today was your last, what three things would you do? Gather my close family and friends, drink good wine and eat good food. Make sure my husband never forgot me . Record/write to my children and husband. 19. Fast food or “just say no”?   A combo, sometimes its good to be bad! 20. If you got a tattoo (or another one) what would it be?  Something for my Dante [family pet that passed away], a doberman tribute of some sort maybe!

Good grief, these kids are cute.


  1. Anonymous11:46:00 PM

    Cool interview. Love you, Blondie. Keep writing.


  2. Great Interview! She is a special person and forgot to mention that she has great hair!:-) Great blog too!


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