"do I know you" interview eight: stephanie k.

Pals, meet Stephanie K.
A few words about Stephanie: What a sheer delight this beautiful woman is.  One of my first memories of encountering Stephanie is when she was in the middle of explaining in laymen's terms some of the cerebral stuff from the farm bill at one of the Ladies Homestead Gatherings.  She spoke as one well-informed and with clarity and eloquence.  She's a smart one, she is.  Imagine my joy to discover some time later she's also a nut in the best meaning of the word.  I apparently really dig people with a great sense of humor and Stephanie is another one of them. There's a youthfulness and vitality to Stephanie, a twinkle in her eye.  She is thoughtful and kind in a tangible and diligent way.  I'm struck by the lightness I see in her though I know this life has its heaviness bearing down on her shoulders often.  Stephanie and I don't know each other well (yet), but I feel that if I found myself at any point needing an ear to hear or a hand up, hers would be available and equal parts sympathetic and strong.  And I would hope to offer the same.  She's a gem.

Without further ado, I present Stephanie in her own words . . .

1. Occupation?

Right now, a deduction analyst at Euramax, Norcross, GA. It is a metal fabrication company among other items it manufactures (drains, rain barrels, rain spouts). As of Oct 19th I will no longer be there since I will concentrate on caring for my husband. I will also be embarking on farming!

2. How did we meet/how do we know each other?

3. Single or married?


4. What’s the greatest thing about being single or married?

Having a partner, laughing together

5. What was your first vehicle?  Love it or hate it?  Why?

Ford Maverick, loved it 'cause it was wheels - didn't matter that it looked awful

6. Beach or mountains? Why?

Beach - for the openness and the intercoastal marshes, ease of birdwatching (most favorite place of ours is Sunset Beach, NC)

7. Darkest time of your life?

Right now. Kevin has multiple system atrophy-cerebellar (MSA-C) which is a degenerative neurological disease. His body is slowly breaking down. Think Lou Gehrig's crossed with Alzheimer's. Average lifespan after diagnosis is 7-10 yrs. It started in 2008 and was correctly diagnosed June of this year.

8. Happiest childhood memory?

My childhood was not a happy one, but the best memories I have are of visiting my maternal grandparents every summer. We had love and structure.

9. What would people be surprised or shocked to know about you?

Had I not gotten married to Kevin, I would have gone for a Masters and PhD in Medieval Literature/Studies

10. What work of art (book, music, etc.) has heavily influenced you?  Why?

From Dawn to Decadence by Jacques Barzun. It laid out a very reasoned argument for conservatism.

11. Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Why?

Wales - magical, otherworldly country which has a wide range of stunning places: Snowdonia Mountains, beaches, Castle Caernarvon, Brecon Beacons. When visiting Wales one can believe in ghosts, goblins, faeries, elves and trolls.

12. What brought you to the city you live in now?

Kevin got transferred from General Motors after the Tarrytown, NY plant closed.

13. What is your favorite trait about yourself?  Why?

I'm irrepressible

14. Vintage or brand new?


15. Fill in the blank: It’s quiet and no one is around.  I think I will __________.

. . . dance by myself in the living room to music

16. What would you describe as one of your biggest triumphs in life?

The process by which I stopped being agnostic and began believing in God

17. City or country?


18. If today was your last, what three things would you do?

Do my chores, go to church, call all the people I care about and tell them I love them

19. Fast food or “just say no”?

Just say no

20.If you got a tattoo (or another one) what would it be?

a bee

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