I've been staring at the computer for nearly an hour.  It's not for lack of ideas that I'm finding it tough to write today. It's not even really for a lack of desire. I don't know.

Some days, I'm just quieter.  Some days I just don't have a lot to say.  I mean, I could say a lot; plenty to talk about.  But in this day I don't want to force it.

If my aim is to be authentic, then today I own that I'd rather be quiet. And that's okay.

Right here when a new week is starting and 31 Days is drawing to a close I think I'd rather thumb through my pictures from the week, pause, and feel the weight in my chest of a full heart because of what's been.

a skeptical look on this handsome face after I gave him a taste of a salted-caramel coffee recipe I made up
12-year-old hands hard at work all weekend doing scientific experiments for her school project
a blurry photo of two peas in a pod dressed for their own land of make-believe
this sweet girl's smile
being sneaked up on by this munchkin
I think I know I'm very rich. Sometimes the only necessary commentary to add to that fact is none.


  1. Anonymous11:07:00 PM

    I have many days when I just want to be quiet. It isn't that I don't have things running through my mind. I just don't want to verbalize my thoughts in print or with sound. I love those days. They are some of the best days for me to recharge. Besides, your pictures really do speak a thousand words, and I hear each of them loud and clear. :) I love you, Blondie. Keep writing.


  2. Anonymous8:28:00 AM

    I would comment, but I'm being quiet.


  3. Quiet is so nice. Love you.


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