another random list

Welp, the right combination of busy-ness and fatigue brings out the random in me.  How about another list of arbitrary personal facts?  Okay, let's go . . .

-I like elipses.  For some reason I don't just type dotdotdot, though.  I type dotspacedotspacedot.  Weird.
-Two reasons why I find it empirically easy to love a man who washes dishes while listening to Prairie Home Companion: 1) he.washed.the.dishes, and 2) it's Prairie Home Companion.
-I generally can't take shortcuts texting. I have to type out the whole word. I just can't bring myself to LOL, TTYL, OMG, or even K.  I do, however, ILY regularly.
-I could eat a jar of Claussen pickles in one setting.  Probably right now.
- And drink the pickle juice. We've passed that proclivity even to the kids who, on more than one occasion, have asked for a "shot of pickle juice".
-I wore a stocking cap most of the afternoon.  In the heated house. What am I going to do when it's winter?
-I've never seen any of the Twilight movies. I have no plans to.
-All year I keep thinking I'm 37-years-old.  I'm not.
-I'm thinking I might be done raising chickens soon.  (That's not metaphorical for raising my kids, although that's flying by so fast.)
-I still own and wear my Tevas from high school.  If they wear out or break I think I might cry.  Okay, I probably won't cry, but I think I'll keep them forever.  I've walked a lot of happy memories in those sandals.
-I steal the Brazil nuts out of the mixed nuts jar.  I don't think any one around here cares.
-When I have sickness of any kind, the first thing I want to do is take a hot bath.
-I wish I knew how to speak Tagalog fluently.  Maybe I'll try to learn it.
-All three of my kids start almost every sentence they speak to me with, "Mama, guess what?"  Nearly every time I respond with, "Chicken butt."  Pretty Baby just started telling me to stop saying "chicken butt." That makes me laugh. (but not LOL)
-I think this particular list of arbitrary facts is more than a wee bit lame-o.
-I tried my very first pumpkin spice latte about a week ago.  At the risk of creating some cosmic rift with the following statement, I wasn't all that impressed.
-Right this minute I cannot for the life of me remember my first- and second-grade teachers' names. Nope, I got nothing.
-I get to sing with my best friend in the morning.  I'm pretty stoked about that.
-Because my grandparents are abundantly generous and were brilliant enough to buy beachfront property 30+ years ago, my kids have gone to the same beach and stayed in the same spot every summer of their lives.
-This year we stopped making drip coffee in a coffee pot and now only make coffee in a french press.  Even saying that sounds way hoity-toitier than it is. But it is yummier.
-I need to start thinking through Christmas ideas.  Like, yesterday.
-I loathe middle school science fair projects.

There you have it.  Twenty-two incredibly senseless facts about moi.  Even the number of facts is arbitrary, so there you go.

Happy Saturday night, y'all.
My probably-unnecessary-stocking cap and Pretty Baby's brilliant photo bomb


  1. Anonymous9:41:00 PM

    Love the photo. It is our baby and her baby. Priceless.

  2. Anonymous6:43:00 AM

    I love everything about your lists. I like to see what I already know about you and check it off in my head with a smile. Then I love learning the stuff I didn't know. And, obviously, I love this picture. And you.



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