I'm toast

I'm tired.  It's been a great few days.  I have a good life, surrounded on all sides with wonderful friends and family.  I have gotten to spend good time with a lot of them over the last five days, laughing, crying, telling stories, taking day-trips.  But now I'm tired.  I'm an introvert and I realize I haven't recharged my batteries after spending my energy with all these people I love.  So I'm feeling a little like toast right now and not sure what to write.  Not to mention my husband is sitting across the table from me eating lemonheads and wondering if I'm really going to spend the evening writing instead of spending it with him.

Let's not disappoint the fella.

How about some random facts?  Okay, good.  Let's go . . .
-I don't like lemonheads.
-I love carbonated beverages, but I haven't had one since May and I'm pretty sure there won't be one consumed in my foreseeable future.  They're my kryptonite.
-I hate sleeping with socks on.
-I sang "Linger" by the Cranberries in a high school variety show.  Ma Luffin Mayun claims it still "lingers" in his mind as the first moment he thought, "she's pretty cute".
-I google everything.  I googled whether or not picking your nose and eating the contents was somehow beneficial since it seems to be a universal kid thing.  Answer: yep, it's beneficial.  It builds immunities.  And completely grosses everyone out in the process.
-I flew from the Philippines to Japan to America and then back by myself when I was 18.  I loved it.
-I'm left-handed and so is my husband.  My birthday is May 18th and his is May 19th.  His name means "priceless" and mine means "wealthy".  Yep.
-I've eaten about 6 lemonheads since starting this post and still don't like them.
-I've lost 33 pounds since June 1st.
-I don't like listening to mainstream contemporary Christian music. Like, at all.  I'd name names, but I probably shouldn't.
-I've never smoked a cigarette.  But I tell the kids that's what we're having for supper pretty regularly, along with "moon pies" and "pig-ear sandwiches".  They roll their eyes.
-We haven't had cable once in our entire nearly-17-years of marriage.
-I like saying "nearly-17-year marriage".
-I pierced my nose myself.  My husband was out of town and when I told him over the phone I had done it,  there was about 45 seconds of air-silence.  Doh!  Now he thinks it's beautiful (he just said so).
-The best trip I ever took was two years ago when Ma Luffin Mayun and I flew to Maine and drove up to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  I haven't even posted pictures of it because I hold it so close and dear.  It was awesome.
-I missed my 5th grade trip to the state capital because I got the chicken pox.
-One of my favorite memories was walking out of my high school as a sophomore and seeing my friends Will, Jonathan, and Chip walking up to tell me they had a ticket for me to see U2 on the Achtung Baby tour at the Georgia Dome if I could leave right then.  What a fun night.
-We nearly didn't get the house we currently own.  Within three hours of closing on it, the FDIC seized the bank working out our mortgage.  It was a miracle.
-My middle name is Nicole.  But I feel absolutely no identification with that name.  Weird.  Nicole...Nicole...Nicole...nope, nothing.
-But my middle name now is my maiden name and has been my middle name for nearly as long as Nicole was. #childbride
- #ilikehashtags
-I'm not sure anybody reads this except my parents and my husband...and a lot of days, he just makes me recap it instead of reading it for himself.  Maybe if folks commented . . . wink
-I think I have the greatest friends on the planet.
-I think all my "problems" are first-world-problems.
-I wouldn't mind living out of the country.
-I love my kids.  I hope we're finished birthing children, though.
-Fish are my favorite pets.
-Fish is one of my favorite foods.
-There is no connection with the above two facts.
-If I sleep on my right side, my nose gets stuffy.
-I don't ride roller coasters.
-I like my family.  A lot.
-I think in song lyrics and movie lines.  Like 92.6% of the time.
-I let the dogs out.


  1. Jessi, I love the way you write, even when you're tired and craving introversion. Writing and writing well is a rare gift. I'm glad you have it and use it well. I love you a lot, Jessica Nicole. ;)
    ~ Pisbef

  2. I got the hint ;) Love reading this! Makes me wish we lived closer, but this will have to do for now. Just love ya from afar!

  3. I'm commenting to prove that I read these. Every.Time... and I still think you're the funny one. Dang it.

    1. You're pretty funny yourself. But waaaaay cuter.

  4. Oh you three sweet peas! Thanks for commenting, BMD, Jules, and Chereek!

  5. Anonymous10:12:00 PM

    So encouraged to know that you like your family -- a lot. Love you, Blondie.


  6. Anonymous7:27:00 AM

    This was great, Kiddo. ILY.


  7. Anonymous8:18:00 AM

    read and love them all.....Grandmother Jo

    1. Thank you, Grandmother. I love you!

  8. I read every one. Lol! Love the random rambling.

    1. Oh, Jess. My faithful blog reader ;)!

  9. Michele B.9:31:00 PM

    You should KNOW I read them all. I didn't know that about Chip. Of course, I care nothing about U2 and turn them every time the radio comes on. Just not a fan. BUT, I am a fan of my Jessi. So, very much.


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