ah, fall

My friend Burnsy commented once - on a post from the very first month of this blog - and said these words: ". . . decorations are as essential to the form & function of a space as furniture is. That doesn't mean they won't need winnowing, but they deserve our respect."  I agreed then and I couldn't agree more now.  At least for me, the decorations of our home are intrinsic to our story, to the life we've lived.  For us, rather than them coming out of showrooms or department stores, for the most part they are a patchwork of thrift finds and "swapped" items, of much-loved family (and even friend) cast-off pieces, of memorabilia from places on the map and in time.  The decorations of our home are a patchwork quilt made of pieces acquired over years and lovingly placed together.  Somehow it works and they make us feel warm and comfortable.

Today I put together a fall mantle.  It's something people are likely doing all over; I've seen plenty of examples in my newsfeed and around the blogosphere.  In the grand scheme of things, life would've gone on without the slightest glitch had I just left everything status quo.  But the air is cooler and the leaves are slowly breaking off from their branches (and my friend BS who essentially only wears Chacos pulled out her pair of red boots she only wears in autumn and winter), so some fall decor felt in order.  I bought five pumpkins, pulled some fabric from my small stash, cut out some paper letters, glued them to pages I tore out of an old dictionary, and pieced it all together.

Like all my other decor.  Part of a patchwork.

We're finding our rhythm in routines.  I'm giving myself a wide berth this week recovering from being sick.  There's much to say and much to blog about.  I have so many more people for you to meet.  The grass is growing in ever so nice and green in new areas.  But for tonight, I will sit with Ma Luffin Mayun, sip on something to drink, and smile at fall arriving indoors.

Project punch list:
5 pumpkins @ $3.95 a piece
remnant fabric
2 sheets of scrapbook paper
pages from an old dictionary
birds, bottles, and pheasant decor from around the house
books from the bookshelf
wooden skewers
neutral colored yarn
total cost: less than $22.00

*Check out The Nester's beautiful mantle in her 31-day series "Uncomplified".  Good stuff, and the coolest pumpkins ever.


  1. Anonymous6:52:00 AM

    Love it!


  2. Anonymous8:20:00 AM

    so neat! thanks for sharing....


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