"This is a story…a true story…of seven people…picked to live in a loft…and have their lives video-taped…"

…or maybe not. See what I mean about too much stuff, even stuff rolling around in my head? I totally pulled that nonsense from the recesses of my brain. I haven't watched Real World since the 90s.

Here are some goals*:
Go through our house room by room and consider the intended function of the room, what items help that function, and get rid of the superfluous stuff. (This doesn't mean there won't be pictures on the walls or decorations when I get through with the place, but I am truly reducing what we own…winnowing.)

Come up with efficient, workable systems of organization for everything from laundry to paperwork to dvds to dry goods, using the resources we already own (baskets, plastic bins, cabinet space, containers, etc.)

Aside from groceries and gasoline buy nothing for, at least, the first 90 days of 2010. No.thing.

When buying groceries be as frugal as possible, as well as reduce the amount of processed foods we consume.

To know Jesus better, I want to take time and intentionally read only the Bible instead of devotionals or commentaries. If I had to attempt marriage with Ma Luffin' Mayun by only hearing what other people knew or thought about him based on their encounters with him rather than spending time with him and discovering him for myself, our marriage would be dead in the water. This is no different.

Consistently document the journey here. Pass or fail. Brilliance or a bust.

So, these are the guidelines, the details, of my use it or lose it life.

Here goes…

*These are my goals and not necessarily Ma Luffin' Mayun's, although he is giving me full support.
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  1. I LOVE this!! I'm a huge believer in an regularly scheduled overhaul. :) Since I haved moved every 3-5 years of my entire life, winnowing stuff has been pretty easy, but the non-concrete stuff is harder. Start easy, work yourself up!

    About you room-by-room project: decorations are as essential to the form & function of a space as furniture is. That doesn't mean they won't need winnowing, but they deserve our respect. :)

    Also curious: is Bella going to help with her room? :-)

  2. Great insight, and great Bella question...

    She, being my child indeed, loves the show "Clean House" (partly because of seeing the transformations, partly because Niecy Nash trips her out). I will likely write a blog on our Bella's-room-meets-Clean-House day. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    I was Niecy Nash. Mm hmm. HEY!


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