Using It Or Losing It One Year Ago

In February I decided I would try to take a look back at the past year while also looking ahead to the future and while trying to live in The Now.  All clear?  Great.  Let's move on.

Here's a reminder from twelve months ago and an update.  You can click on the red words for the links back.

- The bane of my existence: the telephone
Wow.  Still hate it.  Still working on it.  Trying to do better.  Sigh.

- Reflecting on mommydom last Mother's Day
This quote still rings as true to me today as it did one year ago: "Nothing else ever will make you as happy or as sad, as proud or as tired, for nothing is quite as hard as helping a person develop his own individuality especially while you struggle to keep your own."

- The Mother Lode of clean up jobs 
I have not gotten our new garage completely winnowed, and it STILL doesn't hold a candle to this beastly job.  I don't ever want to do that again.  We are already planning the final clean up and out of our current garage in the fall.  It makes absolutely no sense to try and do it anytime now in the sweltering heat, so when the weather starts to cool we will tackle the remaining boxes - most of which just need to move on out to the thrift store.  Use it or lose it, right?

- Some humor
I still chuckle looking at these ridiculous photos.

How about you?  Where were you a year ago?  Check your course; where'ya headed this time next year?


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