A Monday Meme

My friend Gingertheginger sent me a link to this blog.  As blogs often do, that blog linked me here.  Then I jumped over to my own blog and decided to keep the rabbit trail going.

What a tangled web we weave, huh? Occasionally it's alright to get tangled.

The meme I thought I might tag along behind is simply images of "morning".  The ones who posted their links showing their participation in the meme have such lovely pictures and reflections on life or where they presently find themselves.  We went camping last week from Thursday to Saturday.  Sunday was Father's Day and today Ma Luffin' Mayun hit the road for a five-day camp with hundreds of teenagers.  And though, by these factors combined, I find myself once again at a place where far too many clothes, dishes, toys, and shoes are scattered to all the wrong places and anything but clean and tidy, I will choose to see my images of "morning" - exactly this morning - as lovely.  They show a life well-lived whether or not it is always superficially well-maintained; the beautiful imperfection of it all.  Thank you, 3 from here & there for the idea.  Thank you, PostmodernPescatarian for being the "in the flesh" friend reminding me even through simple words on a computer screen that who I am is who I want to be.  And thank you God, for this life full of messes.

And now, "Morning" . . .
My bed that called my name to no avail most of the morning.

A kid's-eye view of the living room mayhem

Laundry that's been folded since Wednesday
but not put away.

Camping stuff that's been sitting in this spot since
The view over my sink full of dirty dishes -
my Korea-dwelling KakiBlack and me fifteen years ago.
And my favorite: an unexpected note left for us this morning by
Ma Luffin' Mayun before he left and while we all still slept.

How about you?  What would you think of or use to describe "morning"?


  1. Debbie Parker8:23:00 AM

    That was so beautiful Jess! Thank you for the reminder! This morning my dog woke me up at 6:00am & wouldn't let me go back to sleep. But that means I have a sweet cuddly dog to enjoy & I got a kiss goodbye from my hubby because I was awake. Mornings are trying to get my kids to leave my bedroom to go start their day, but that means that they love me & still enjoy starting the day talking with me! I am truly blessed!

  2. Oh this is wonderful - I love this glimpse into your world! I am so glad you linked up with us at Three!

  3. Good reminders all, Debbie.

    And Kelly, it's so nice to see your comment. I love your blog and am following now. Looking forward to the next topic...

  4. Anonymous1:06:00 PM

    lovely chaos of life! i've posted my morning meme contribution at faith hope & cherrytea see you there?


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