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Yo, what up?

Long time, no write. Sorry about that. If it’s any consolation I do blog in my head constantly. If only there was a transcription program that could just download entries from my brain and upload them straight to my blog in the midst of the busyness. Wait, scratch that. You probably don’t want to know everything I’m thinking, and I surely don’t want it floating around in cyberspace. Yikes.

So, I’m working on contentment… I’m working on laundry… I’m working on consistently following my daily schedule

About that last one, the schedule - here’s what I now know to be fact (from days of following it and a few days thrown in where I didn’t): I have to beat the kids up. Oy, that didn’t come out right. Let me clarify: I have to be awake, showered, and dressed for the day before any of the three kids are up. This is probably already a no-brainer for two-thirds of civilization, but I am just coming around to the facts and truth about early birds. I’m getting lots of worms these days. Yep, I’ve got worms. Hold on, that’s no good, either. I don’t actually have worms. I just meant…ech. You catch my drift.

I told you everything from my head did not need to be lain bare for the world to see.

This one thing - getting up early and making the preparation of myself for the day a priority - has made all the difference in our every day lives. And I'm sure it's because it first makes a world of difference in me. Whether a mom likes it or not, so much of home life rises and falls on us. It's amazing how a thirty-minute window of time first thing in the morning devoted to a little self-care can make such a huge impact on Winnowing Woman-and-Ma Luffin' Mayun's Wife-and-The-Us-es' Mommy. You know what I mean? I betcha do. I betchoo know what I'm sayin'...

The daily schedule post-showering/dressing, like so much else in my life, requires flexibility. If I can keep that in mind and not feel ruled by it, the schedule serves as an excellent framework for me everyday. Again, it serves me, I don’t serve it. The schedule brings a suggested daily focus for household work. And focus is a darn good thing. I can tell you that something is consistently getting done every day as opposed to nothing. Who doesn’t love that?!

So I raise a glass (of southern sweet tea, of course…actually SoBe water I bought with a coupon) to getting out of bed, hopping in a shower, getting dressed including earrings and shoes, and feeling that much more ready to sift, shift, steward, and save my way through the day.

…and here’s one more sip in gratitude that the brain indeed does not have an auto-download function. Hallelujah, cowabunga.

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