Using It Or Losing It One Year Ago

In February I decided I would try to take a look back at the past year while also looking ahead to the future and while trying to live in The Now.  All clear?  Great.  Let's move on.

Here's a reminder from twelve months ago and an update.  You can click on the red words for the links back.

- The demise of Veruca Salt
I am practically floored - I mean, laid out - over the number of things from this post that I have seen either become reality or be exceeded in my expectation.  However, I cannot tell a lie (actually, yes I can, but I'm not right now): I still struggle with contentment.  There's not a ton of things I want in this world, but I realize the things that I do want can sometimes gnaw on me pretty hard.  Desires are good things.  In so many ways they can push us to be more and do more and have more of some pretty awesome stuff.  But the "gimme-s" are something else.  Veruca cannot go unchecked, that wily one.  "If she's a lady, I'm a Vermicious Knid."

- Learning the art of early-birding
I could update this one with an endless string of "ha ha"s, simply because I barely remember this period in my life where I was actually getting up well before the chickens (whether it be the kind I birthed or the ones acquired from the feed store).  Ironically, I have been once again challenged that this needs to happen (heck fire).  What can I say?  I like the late nights after the kids are in bed and I'm not answering questions or care-giving of any kind, but they don't help me in the effort to get up earlier than the rest of the household.  I've got lots of work to do to make this a priority.  One of my dearies, Brandy, said it better than I could and is mastering it with grace and beauty.  Lots to think about and aspire to...

- Hippie hair
Yep, still gone-granola on the hair care (although the occasional bottle of Nice&Easy doesn't exactly fit that bill, huh?).  And it hasn't been without mishap.  I have been known to mix the intermittent batch that, in the immortal words of my father-in-law, leaves hair looking like it's been "combed with a pork chop".  But with ingredients so inexpensive I can scrap it and get back to the drawing board.  I still kinda totally love it.  Burnsy, by the way, is now the beautiful mother to the handsomest Henry I know, and debuting a world premiere of an opera called "The Inspector". Underachiever.)

- Some sage wisdom
It's good to be reminded of another slow, intentional project...and that I am the only me there is.

How about you?  Where were you a year ago?  Check your course; where'ya headed this time next year?


  1. Just one more reason I love you so.

    Varuca Salt? I'm with ya.
    Early birding? Yup, there too.
    Hippie hair? off and on (can't seem to shake that Herbal Essence habit)
    Sage wisdom? Oh, to be dried out and crushed.

    Seriously, you're one of my favorite peoples.

  2. In terms of hair: I've actually gone back to products! In dealing with the whole post-baby-body/beauty-image thing, I had to give my hair some help. I'm still avoiding sulfates and parabens and most other chemicals, opting for nature-based products. Suave Naturals is a great CHEAP line that gives good results... should you ever care to jump ship! :) I still use baking soda and ACV, but only for the occasional clarifying and balancing clean, not every day.

    And me? A year ago: 6 months pregnant, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our son, impatiently curious to know who he was! Next year: continuing to learn every day from this little man; maybe awaiting the arrival of his sibling??? :)


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