Why Network?

If you're reading this, chances are more than good that you got invited to this corner of the blogosphere through NetworkedBlogs on facebook.  If you're reading this, I'll go ahead and say thanks for that.  Really.

Sending out an oodle of requests to my friends asking them to read my blog felt something a little less than comfortable.  I mean, self-promotion is not a characteristic I aspire to be known for.  It's awkward and mis-readable; it can look like braggadocio and sales pitch-y.  Every time I sent out a batch of requests inviting - well, YOU - to the blog I thought, "Don't send them this.  What do they care?  Move on already."

Can you tell I'm not a salesman?  But that's fine since I've got nothing I'm trying to sell.

Here's the deal; it doesn't get easier to stay connected these days.  That's insanely ironic since our ability to connect is huger than ever in so many mediums.  But it isn't always easy.  If you are here - "networked" into this blog - I am so thankful because this is at least one way for me to "connect" with you in something more than my meager attempts at glib, witty facebook statuses.  I don't know if that will be good news to you.  You may not give a rip about the things that I have written or will write about here.  I get that.  I really do.  And if you don't and you "un-network" from here, I'll live and love you anyway (I'm not a self-promoter, but I'm also not easily offended).  But I have winnowed down my facebook list - numerous times - to consist of the people that mean something to me; you were and are my friends from school, or my teachers; my pastors or my youth leaders; you're extended family or people that I am just getting to know.  In some way our lives legitimately connected at some point, and the invitation extended to you is my way of moving that forward a bit.

It's just a blog.  Sometimes it's just nonsense or irrelevant or silly or too serious.  But it's my life now as I know it.  And I want to share it.  I don't want to grand-stand or show-boat.  I just want to stay connected.  I want to hear from you.  I want your comments as points of contact and not to stroke an ego.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  Thanks for reading. 

And now, a bit of random gravity-defying, tutu-clad awesomeness before bed...

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