Very Pinteresting

Yeah, I know.  But I'm back.

And I am now in love with Pinterest.  I think it might be the real thing this time.

I repinned this image from CassieVivi's board of a frame that had been repurposed into a kind of momentos keeper/bulletin board/work of art.

I've been holding on to the frame of an old, long-ago-broken mirror Ma Luffin Mayun's grandmother, DorothyLee, gave me.  She is so often my benefactress in all things vintage and fabulously worn.  She has quite the same eye for things as I do.  I love that.  I've kept the frame for years occasionally contemplating what to do with it.  Paint?  Decoupage?  Because of the combination of seeing this on Pinterest and Ma Luffin Mayun returning from Asia with a plethora of dear keepsakes, the idea came.

I took some basic wire that I had recently purchased for a jewelry-making project I've undertaken.  Using the wire, a pair of scissors, and about twenty minutes of my evening, I came up with this...

I kind of love it and look forward to watching the collection on it grow.  It's a perfect answer to the question of where to put things that we find special or important, but that don't necessarily lend themselves to having a particular place for storing or displaying.

A beautiful bag that held souvenirs from the journey, some Korean coins,
and the brochure from the english camp with the team members' pictures

I just used basic paperclips to hold everything onto the wire.  I love the idea of clothespins and will most likely play around with different ways of affixing the items to the frame.

A fan from Korea and one of my favorite things: a flower made out of wool from Scotland
sent to me by my KakiBlack

Hanging in the corner of our bedroom.
So there you have it, my rip-off of someone else's idea.  Now go rip something off of somebody else and have fun while you're at it.

And beware of Pinterest . . .

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