Living Life

Yep.  That's what we've been doing, just living life.  It's been good, it's been hard; it's been exciting, it's been boring.  It's the life I've always wanted.  It's full of daily frustration.  I've constructed thousands of bits of blog posts in my head or heart.  But the living won out over the writing therein. There's lots to say, but then again there always is. I will pick back up and start from here.

But today, Brilliant Beauty has words better than my own.  She has a creative writing assignment due tomorrow in her fifth grade class.  She came down from finishing her rough draft to read it to me.  It was lovely, and she drew the picture so well with her words.  So tonight's blog is turned over to her.  She makes me proud and joyful, and abundantly aware of the privileges of living this life.
The Garden
 As we enter the gates at Botanical Gardens in downtown Athens, I rolled down my window and I felt Fall.  I felt superb.  The cool, crisp air began crawling down my back.  Plus all the grand colors; red, yellow, brown, and orange.  Pretty, all of it.
Once we found a parking spot our journey began; time for the shade walk.  It really was a shade walk with trees everywhere.  There were magnolias, oaks, pines, all kinds of trees.  We even saw a hawk fly to its nest.  It was black, brown, and with a white-striped tail.  My brother and sister lay in the green, thick, luscious grass while I enjoyed the outstanding flowers and all the colors.  There was this one flower that was precious, petite, and purple.
As we took steps by steps, I was intrigued.  I saw a bench.  From that moment on I knew it was photo shoot time, the time of photos galore.  Splendid pictures are taken from my mom’s point-of-view.  I took pictures of my parents.  My dad took pictures of mom.  Mom took the rest.
After ending the shade walk, we went to see the bronze children.  My brother handled the boys, and I the girls.  We named them Jessica, Jack, Lewie, Joy, Charity, Tanya, and Mrs. Cavrey.  We played all day like we were doing homework and studying.  All so fun!
Finally it was time to go home.  We packed up the car.  As we made our way through downtown Athens and into Statham I thought, “Sure, we had fun doing the photo shoot and walking the shady path.  Yet our true happiness was FAMILY TIME!”

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  1. How beautiful! What a gift Bella has given you as a parent, to let you know just how precious that family time is! You are an outstanding, godly Mommy and wife and an inspiration to all that are blessed to know you! I thank God that He has allowed me to know you!


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