He's Leaving On A Jet Plane

Once again he's gone.  Once again I am proud of him and feel the litany of reasons why I love him and this life with him rushing into me all at once.  What an amazing privilege to love and see the world and its people.  And what a void there will be in our arms and by our sides until we're together again.

Fly away, Ma Luffin Mayun.  On a wing and prayer.  Lord, pilot him.
a last-minute snuggle
commissioning the interim man-of-the-house
I love the way his brave face betrays him with a tinge of melancholy

signing I-love-yous and blowing farewell kisses from the porch


  1. Makes me want to cry. Thank you for letting us borrow him! We love you all sooooo much.

  2. Okay, the last picture with them signing ILY, did me in! :)

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  4. Sad, but oh so proud.


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