letters to my kids - 3rd edition

My boy,
We’re home together since you’ve been sick. I’m sorry you have felt bad this week, buddy. It’s tough to miss school and church and places we like to be with people we love to be with. But I like to sit here beside you – just you and me – comfy on the couch under our favorite blankets, watching Lord of the Rings. You always notice things I haven’t ever noticed (remember this morning when you found the stone trolls from The Hobbit while we were watching Fellowship of the Ring? I have never noticed them there, but you did). You talk me through what’s happening and ask really interesting questions. Sometimes when you talk, I sort of feel like I can see your brain working like a machine or growing like the strong roots of a tree. It’s amazing.

You know something I like about you? You have a heart for the epic. That word means big adventure, seeing life in a big way. You like to hear about, read about, watch, play, and live epic adventures. And because of you, my little big man, my heart for the epic grows bigger, too. Every day has adventure, doesn’t it, if we look for it.

But even in the adventure that is your story, some times there are going to be sick days or tired days or bored days. You might be too sleepy or your body may feel too weak. Some times you just might not want to go adventuring, you might not be in the mood. Yep, even for the most adventurous, there are just days like this. Today is one of those days and because of it we sort of have to watch or talk or dream about epic things a little more than we can go out and do them. Today, I’m glad to be beside you; to have a chance to be slow and still and quiet. We climb under warmest and favorite blankets, rest our bodies and minds and our epic hearts. 

I’m sorry you’ve been sick, my boy. Relax and get well. The days after this one will have plenty of epic things in them. Tomorrow we will adventure. Today we rest.



  1. Anonymous12:52:00 PM

    I love that he has an epic heart for adventure. He gets a double dose of that from his dad and papa. Give him a big hug from me. I love you Blondie.


  2. Anonymous4:36:00 PM



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