letters to my kids - 2nd edition

My sweet girl,
Do you remember what we did today?

Let's make a list.

-We had a yummy breakfast, but then later Daddy made cheesy eggs just for you and him. Remember that he said he may be a hobbit because he loves to eat "second breakfast" so much? Maybe he's right!
-You took a long, extra bubbly bath in my big tub all to yourself. And did you even notice that when it was time for me to wash your hair you didn't fuss or cry? Nope, you just scooched on over, lifted your head back, and got your hair washed like a big kid. Thank you for that. It made the job so easy for me. And when you're still like that no soap gets in your eyes!
-I cut your bangs and trimmed all the nails on your toesies and fingers. You stayed so still for all of that. Wow! Then you laid out aaaalll of the nail polishes and picked out the color you wanted. Now you have silver fingers and toes.
-Daddy took us to each pizza for lunch. Delicious. You called it a "Daddy/Mommy/Ava date". I like that.
-Remember when we came home from lunch and you felt tired? Remember how you laid on the couch and watched "Wreck It Ralph" all snug under a blanket?
-In the afternoon we picked the big kids up from school just like every other day. It's always so nice when they come back home. It makes you and me both very happy, doesn't it?

I like to spend my days with you, sweet girl. When I look at you now I am so surprised at how grown up you are. I say to myself, "Oh, is THIS my little baby?! Well, she's not a baby at all anymore! She's so big and smart and hilarious!" But you will always, always really be my baby, even when you are as grown up as you can be.

I like to spend my days with you. Do you know sometimes I forget that? Yep, sometimes I don't pay attention the way I should. Maybe I look at my phone too much or I type on my computer more than I sit and talk or play with you. I forget sometimes to read you a book or to pull out the paint so we can paint a picture or to watch you dance and sing. I'm sorry I forget those things that make our days together even more great.

I like that we try to remember to say, "I'm sorry" when we do something wrong. It takes practice to remember that. I want to practice now: my sweet girl, I'm sorry I don't remember every day how much I like to spend my days with you and how special they are. Will you forgive me?

We feel lots of things every day, don't we? We feel happy and excited and bored and frustrated and funny and silly and quiet and serious. I'm thankful we can feel lots of things, even all in one day. And just like we can make a list of what we did today, I can make a list of the things I feel when I think about you:
-full of laughter because you are funny
-warm because you bring me hugs and snuggles all day
-excited because you love to tell stories and explore
-proud because you are kind to your brother and sister
-happy because you are my daughter

We did a lot of things today. I'm glad we will do a lot of things tomorrow. But whether we stay at home or go out, we are busy or we are quiet, I am glad that we will be together. And tomorrow we may even forget what we did today, but I'll always remember that I was with you.

I love you, my pretty baby. I always will.



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  2. Anonymous12:49:00 PM

    This post made me smile just thinking about the two of you spending your days together. Precious.


  3. Tara Stiffler10:08:00 PM

    I love this. So precious.


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