Talk About The 11th Hour

We closed on our house Friday February 4th.  Just as we knew we would, we love it.  I am sitting in the quiet and feeling such peace.

Our closing was scheduled for 10:30 am on Friday.

At 10:30 it got bumped to 11:30 am.

At 1:20 pm we walked away from the attorney's office, hugged J.G.'s neck, and found ourselves as the owners of a sweet new home on Noah Lane.

At 6 pm the FDIC seized the bank that worked to broker our deal all of this time - the buyers of our former home and the sellers of our new one.

Seriously.  For real.

If the closing had been put off any longer, the seizure would have happened and all bets would be off.

It was that close.  That.close.

Seriously.  For real.

I am still in awe and shock, and have only just stopped shaking my head in disbelief when I think about it.

Thank God we're here.

Seriously.  For real.

Pray for J.G., our advocate in every way.  Men of his integrity and caliber are not a common commodity.

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  1. Man you couldn't get any closer to the end than that! God is so spectacular!!! I am so happy for y'all!!!! (But I Still wanna pic really, really bad! LOL)


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