It's A Small World Afterall

Top o' the mornin', to ya!

I've been checking out the analytics for my little piece of the blogosphere (nerd), and just wanted to give an appreciative and humble shout out to:

-Miami, FL, USA
-Lake Worth, FL, USA
-Athens, GA, USA (whatup, homeys!)
-Atlanta, GA, USA
-Winder, GA, USA (Hi, Mom!)
-Roswell, GA, USA
-Commerce, GA, USA
-Jefferson, GA, USA
-Rutledge, GA, USA
-Aiken, SC, USA
-Charlotte, NC, USA (of Bosak Buttsacks fame, I believe...)
-Fayetteville, NC, USA (Hello, grandest of Grands! Give Grandad a kiss for me.)**
-Cordova, TN, USA
-Memphis, TN, USA (is that you, My12Hats?)
-McNeil, TX, USA
-San Antonio, TX, USA
-Spring, TX, USA
-New York, NY, USA
-Brooklyn, NY, USA (how's the gestating, friend?)
-Canada (Anne Shirley, is that you? I'll be there as quick as I can!)
-London, England (now I'm a little self-conscious about my grammar and usage of the English language...)
-Frankfurt Am Main, Germany (Mit tiefer dankbarkeit!)
-Brisbane, Australia (Thanks for sending the sun and moon back our direction every day!)

Wow. That's just crazy. Thanks to all of you for dropping in. I hope you're finding a little something to keep you coming back. God bless you.

Now, off to the winnowing races!

P.S. Little Big Man Booty Boot Camp is in full force. Pray, saints...

**My lovely Grandmother, JoCanMax, is missing from the analytics reporting. She has now been added to the list.


  1. It's me! It's me! It's me! Oh, Lord! :) Love, love, lovin' your blog. Keep 'em comin'!

  2. Love the new look! Love the blog! Oh, love you too!

  3. SisterFriend8:02:00 AM

    Where is Crawford? Yes, Virginia, there is an Oglethorpe County!


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