A Facelift Without Plastic Surgery

Things are looking a little different around here, both at home and on the blog. Have a look around and enjoy.

I'm wrapping up loose ends on projects at Quaint Cottage (posts and pics to come), but simmering (not stewing, mind you) again in the truth that I have to keep the priorities in check; choosing the better thing(s).

Like God...

Like relationships...

Like eye contact...

Like starting with meeting the needs and not jumping to the wants...

I also have to remember that this blog is to serve the purpose of helping me along on the journey; not to hinder me by my shifting into serving it or giving it some purpose it's not intended for.

I love to write and share and create; all good things.

But I'm having to learn choosing the better things.

Higher things.

I think I'll go simmer some more,
lift my face,
and look for the higher ground.

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  1. Lovin' the new look! Can't wait to see pics of the progress. :)


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