1.6 Per Minute And Other Random Drivel

1.6 per minute is the rate at which I can load ten seed beads onto a safety pin, close the pin, and toss the pin aside. (Why on God's green earth would I even do this? Looksee.) I can do this twenty-four times in fifteen minutes (hate the game, not the playa).

Laundry's backed up again. Sheesh. One of these days I might know how to tackle one part of a project without completely abandoning another. But I am learning, and sure enough the breakdown started at the very FIRST load that I didn't immediately stop and take the time to fold IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM. Lesson learned; hopefully application of said lesson to follow.

The kitchen continues to be like-totally-awesome...totally. I can tell the whole of the FabFive is jazzed. Ma Luffin' Mayun can hardly bring himself to leave any dishes unwashed in the sink. Where's he been all my life? Apparently hiding under over-abundant and ill-used kitchenwares. Go figure. Truly, it's a whole lot easier to maintain cleanliness and order when you know what you've got and where it goes.

You know the one credit card remaining as the last of our consumer debt? It's gone. Yep, wiped out. Obliterated. Paid-in-full. No mo'. Ahhh, serenity now.

Girls aren't born knowing anything about proper potty protocol for themselves, much less the opposite sex. Girls who become Mommies and have little boys to put through Booty Boot Camp get to learn all sorts of things previously unbeknownst to them. Here's a for instance: the ongoing challenge and concentration required by the fellas for tinkling into a hole. That stuff will shoot every which-a-way if your not careful. P.S....Two-year-old boys aren't careful. We're making it. We have more successes than accidents in this our second week in, and Little Big Man thinks he's something. His mommy agrees.

I don't wear scrubs everyday (you can breathe a sigh of relief, PostmodernPrettyMama). It turns out hearts and flowers and pinks and turquoise on my clothes make my blood sugar spike.

I'm thinking through ways to find the best one for attacking the anarchy that is Our Garage. Yuck. It will be a room addition soon. The task at hand for now is to pray and get it ready. And so, we shall.

We've been eating pescatarian since last Thursday. We're digging it. We'll see if it goes anywhere long-term.


Hm. I think I'm out of topics for now.

Happy Hump Day, and thanks for reading!

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  1. I would just like to forewarn you that 6-year-old little boys still have terrible aim. I keep a Swiffer in the bathroom, but not TOO close to the toilet, as I would prefer that the Swiffer not get baptized as well. Oy.


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