WinnowingWoman's Weekend Wrap-up

I tend to shy away from bullet-point posts, but sometimes it just shouldn't take thirty-two bazillion words to say what needs to be said. Hmm, word winnowing, perhaps?

Here's a recap of this week's efforts around Quaint Cottage and among our FabFive...

-Laundry has seen a major transformation around here since "the system" sort of rose like a phoenix from the ashes of stinky clothes (ashes might've been all that was left if some sort of order hadn't been found). It's not completely caught up because I still haven't convinced anyone to go around au naturale as to prevent further laundry buildup (Little Big Man is the closest to being on board with this idea), but I am consistent everyday with washing, drying, AND folding. Hurrah! And I don't hate it.

-I started the winnowing process full-throttle in the kitchen. What an undertaking. I am taking pictures each step of the way and will get them up here this coming week. I'm never surprised but always thrilled to experience the catharsis of ridding my world of unused, underused, and superfluous stuffs, and doing this within the kitchen has been a whammy of a job. Details are on the way...

-Ma Luffin' Mayun made our first recycling drop today, dumping our collection of paper and plastic. Nice. We certainly haven't mastered the task of recycling, but we have gone from a household that recycled nothing to sending two huge plastic containers of recyclables, reducing our bags of trash and wastefulness. And, as usual, kitchen scraps are feeding the compost pile that will hopefully feed future garden beds.

-Cloth diapering is everything I thought it would be (including the poo). I love it (insert eye-rolling, sneering, and smirking here, possible nay-sayers). This week's development can be described in two words: Bosak's Buttsacks. People, this development is a thing of beauty and deserves it's own post this week. Too, too awesome!

-In the age-old tradition of saving the best for last, I am pleased to report I am no longer blogging from a Blackberry Curve (it's nothing personal, Blackberry. I just realized you're really not my type). Instead, I am pleased as punch to report that I am typing this on a brand-spanking-new HP Mini netbook which, after the mail-in rebate, set us back a whopping $100.00. In addition, I fired my cellphone carrier, got a wireless 5GB/month data plan for $50.00 LESS per month than I was paying for my Blackberry, got a new, no-contract cell plan with unlimited talk-text-web, and fired my home phone company. So the combination of all these changes take us from being a family with no internet access, over-priced cell service, and a landline we rarely used to having a new computer with embedded wireless internet access, an inexpensive, unlimited cell plan, and no more wasted payments for a phone we're not using. All these changes will save us $50.00 every month. Ahh, feel the love.

So, there's my winnowing week in a nutshell. Just under thirty-two bazillion words. Not too shabby.

And now, I leave you with self-portraits of Brilliant Beauty upon her discovering the fun of a webcam. Enjoy.


  1. Just finished up a bullet-point post myself. And I'm googling the cloth diaper stuff now...

    Brilliant Beauty is absolutely loverly!

  2. Guess I'll have to take back the chip !


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