Winnow-free Wednesday

The cleaning up and cleaning out took a necessary backseat to a much-needed visit to the dermatologist for Little Big Man. Our little guy has battled (as well as mommy and daddy on his behalf) eczema -- at times, severe eczema -- since only weeks after his birth. Today was his first appointment, and hopefully a big step down the road to recovery.

The doctor was great with him, checked him out, affirmed our efforts, made some suggestions, wrote two prescriptions, and scheduled us a follow-up appointment for February (which we won't be charged for . . . how cool is that? Thanks G-O-D and d-o-c!). One of the scripts is to be taken at full dosage for five days and then at half dosage for three more. Apparently it has the potential to transform him into the Energizer bunny (isn't he already?!). Well, that or the Incredible Hulk. That should be really, uh, interesting. If it gets too wild I'll just send him out to plow the back forty or conquer evil.

I'm just glad Little Big Man's skin is soon on the mend.

Since we're all tired of seeing pictures of my laundry room (Can I get an "amen"? I see that hand. Are there others?), here are some cutie shots from today's eczema excursion.

Sitting like a big boy waiting for the doc

We don't go many places without a football or Thomas the tank engine

Admiring the art on the wall

No kidding!

Notice the foot in motion...he was preparing to revolt and bolt, but he hung in there quite well

And here's a little Chick-Fil-A playground time for being a good patient

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  1. Chloe suffers with this too... and I do mean suffers. We're doing what our doc told us, but it's a never-ending battle.

    Hoping your little one is on the mend... Love.


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