No, We're Never Gonna Survive Unless We Get A Little Crazy

I’m sitting at the computer and eating mixed nuts, which feels like an exceedingly appropriate snack in light of our last few days with Little Big Man on steroids for his eczema. I think we’re all feeling a little loopy with him on “the juice”. Poor guy. Skin’s clearing, but the Bruce-Banner-byproducts are painful to watch (believe me, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry). Only a couple more days and he’ll be himself once more . . . I hope.

With the eczema comes all kinds of challenges in finding skin, hair, and bath products that have the least amount of chemicals and fragrance, and products that promote the most moisture-retention for his little skin (hey, your epidermis is showing). We’ve stumbled across good and bad products over the last two years. Again, I think it will be nice to have a mixture of my “granola” tendencies, as SisterFriend would call them, and someone trained in the mainline medical field working together to find what will really work to give his whole body all that it needs for optimum health.

This is a fun concoction I whipped up this week to help sooth his angry eczema and add some moisture to his skin.

I gathered up these ingredients: rolled oats, olive oil, and some lavender I'd been drying for about six weeks

In my mini food processor I combined about a cup of oats, around a teaspoon of olive oil, and the entire bunch of lavender and then pulverized it into a fine, soft, slightly moist/mostly dry mixture

I then got a sock (a clean one, I assure you), placed it around the mouth of the processor bowl and . . .

. . . dumped it in.

Then I tied of the end of the sock in a knot and placed in the bathtub.

Let me just say, I LOVED the result. The aroma alone was divine. I used the . . . sock, pouch, sachet? . . . as I would a bar of soap to clean the small fry, and Little Big Man left the bath feeling so soft and smelling of earthy deliciousness.

I will so do this again, even for myself. And it put some of the herbs I grew and subsequently have been drying to a real use. Score.

It's so fun to come with new things all by my big self.

And don't be jealous of my awesome low-resolution pictures. We can't ALL have really expensive phones with really crappy cameras.

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  1. Anonymous1:44:00 PM

    Hey that was my sock!

    Great post, Chop!

    I love you so much!

    I hope that the winnowing goes sehr gut in the kitchen!



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