this man

Oh, this man. I sit here now and listen to him upstairs tucking our children into their beds one at a time, kissing their faces, looking them in the eye, telling them he loves them, and praying for them. He's worked long and hard today. He's been with people all week, loved them and listened to them, and has still come home everyday to love and to listen to us. Tomorrow he leaves at 5:15 am to begin a two-day, 120-mile bike ride for so very good a cause.

But he leaves believing we're most important and telling us so.  We'll miss him until we are five once more.

I'm so grateful for this man. That gratitude in action looks like me tuning out the rest of the world and turning off technology to spend what's left of the evening with him.

Would you say a prayer for him and all the riders? Thanks.


  1. Anonymous10:12:00 PM

    We are praying for him and will continue to do so. Every morning your mom and I thank God for our sons-in-law. They are both priceless jewels and blessings to our daughters and to our grandchildren. You have such a good man, Jessi. I love his heart for family, for people, for missions, and, most importantly, for Christ.

    I love you, Blondie. Keep writing.


    1. Thanks for loving our fellas, Daddy, and for always praying for them. I love that they know full-well how much you love them.

  2. Anonymous3:19:00 PM

    Aw! I know this feeling! You have a wonderful husband. I always miss my hubby when he works all day too. He works 10-11 hr days at least 4-5 days out of the week. I will definitely keep your hubby and the riders in my prayers! xoxo

    1. Woo, that can be rough, Brittnei. Thanks for the prayers. So glad to connect with you!


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