some days

Today I'm overly tired.
I'm under-ly motivated.
I emptied into my mouth a bag of jalapeno cheese puffs for lunch and dinner.
I didn't get my run in today, which might've eased the angst over the cheese puffs.
I'm serving pb&j for supper.
I'm not going to do the dishes.
Actually, I don't have big plans to do anything else for today.
I'm cold.
I'm hugely aware of my flaws today.
I'm short-tempered with the kids.
I'm probably putting them to bed as soon as it's dark at 6pm.
I may follow close behind.
My chickens are in the middle of a moult which has slowed their egg production to almost nothing. I read up on it and just realized I think I might be, too, metaphorically speaking.

Some days, I tell ya.

But it's just a day, not all days.

Instead of wallowing and feeling the brunt of all of the above, I'm going to allow grace to fill in the guilty places. Isn't that lovely? My friend said that this week. That's what I'm going to do.

Sometimes the person you need to practice being nice to is yourself.

I'm thankful for grace instead of guilt when some days are just too overly and under-ly.

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  1. Anonymous8:02:00 PM

    Glad you have a good grasp on how little today matters in light of eternity. As you have already said, it is just a day out of many days. Hope you are already asleep with the kiddos as I write this. A good night of rest almost always changes perspectives. I love you Blondie. Keep writing.



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