happy neglect

So this didn't get done today.
And neither did this.
The kids hauled down a mass of Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop toys, and Lincoln Logs and spent hours spreading them all over the library building "apartments" for all of them. It's all still there, strewn about.
The man crashed in his recliner, deservedly so.
I emptied a bag of yarn, watched some youtube tutorials and made some scarves and stuff.

I'm thankful for a day of neglected dishes and ignored laundry piles, of meticulously-built toy kingdoms in not-so-convenient places, of accidental naps under warm blankets, and impromptu scrap-yarn projects.

It's been a lovely Saturday. Indeed.

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  1. Anonymous10:32:00 PM

    Sounds like an absolutely well-spent day. I love you Blondie. Keep writing.



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