Tables Turned

Well, it's Monday.  Again.  The weekend was crazy busy.  There's laundry to do, dishes to wash, mouths to feed, groceries to be gotten, bills to pay, schedules to coordinate, homework to be done.

So I painted my kitchen table.

I love our table.  It belonged to my great-grandmother and is beautifully worn and old and sturdy.
Buzz's photo bomb
Countless meals have been had here.  My mom did her homework here.  It's the only table Ma Luffin Mayun and the us-es have ever had.  I think the table is Poppins-esque perfect since my bend is to things that wear their years and can stand up to the beating we'll most likely give them.
But then mom sent me a link and suggested I put the same spin on my own table.  I was down with it.

Two words: chalkboard paint.
after the first coat
It took three coats to cover, and only about an hour and a half from start to finish.  After the paint is dry you cover it in chalk and then wipe it off to sort of set and condition the finish.
And voila.  Done.  An hour and a half, $2-worth of a $10 quart of paint, and a $0.68 paintbrush.
this is my sentiment most days
I also painted the top of the chairs.  You know, in case we ever forget where we're supposed to sit or each other's name.
look at my junky counter
no, don't
So there you have it.  Another project done, another everyday, commonplace to-do list ignored.

Take that, Monday.
Now to actually decide on dinner...


  1. Great suggestion from my Susan, and great execution from my sweet Blondie.

  2. I LOVE this!!!! I did an end table in our house in chalk board paint, and it has been a hit with the little ones. Never thought about doing it on a kitchen table!!!! Genius!

  3. Good grief. You are SO awesome. I love you.

  4. Thank you, guys and dolls.


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