The Haves And The Have-Nots

I have not folded the laundry in awhile days.
Mount St. Laundry

I have not washed today's dishes...or even yesterday's.

I have not even picked up my haphazardly strewn shoes off of the bathroom floor to put them where they go which is only about 10 linear feet away.
(They're pretty cute shoes, though, huh?)

 I've got to get it in gear.

I have, however, done some planting.
Can you guess what this lettuce planter's made out of?
basil, dill, and chocolate mint
Two different types of raised beds with beans, tomatoes,
cantaloupe, and strawberries

I have watched baby birds hatch and grow in a nest on the front porch.

I have set out vases of wild daisies, picked by Ma Luffin Mayun and Little Big Man, all over the house.

And I have laid on my belly to capture the field of dandelions formerly known as our back lawn.

I have done a lot of things that I love over the last several days.  Conversely, I have not done a lot of the things that peg out pretty low on my personal fun-ometer.  That's fine, really.  It is what it is.  But tomorrow the us-es will need clean, neat clothes to wear or to pack for trips out of the country (read: Ma Luffin Mayun is headed to Asia for ten days) and fresh dishes to eat and drink out of, so I will put aside the "haves" of the past few days and tackle the "have-nots" like a good grown up.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  I'm rich in it all, really.  So, I will have not any complaints...


  1. "I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm rich in it all, really. So, I will have not any complaints..."

    I love this! I'm stealing it. :)

  2. Awesome! We all need balance. You are "Stopping to smell the daisies" so that's a good thing. many of us just work and forget to enjoy all God gave us, and that my friend is a crying shame. I am proud of you for seeing what is really important!

    BTW I think your lettuce planter is a shoe rack and I think you are the brilliant beauty!

  3. Steal away, Sparky.

    And Debbie, you got it - a shoe rack. Nice in theory, but everything burned up before it got growing good in there. We'll try again...


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