What Are We Waiting For?

My time this morning is limited, mostly due to two little people who have not yet realized Ye Olde World does not revolve around them. I'm trying to ease them into that reality so as to prevent a shock to their systems, so I will try to keep this all brief.

It has been an exasperating couple of weeks. We know we're getting a house and selling this one. When, however, has been another story. Tentative closing dates have come and gone quite a few times. The investors for our loan have asked for the most tedious information in triplicate it seems. It has required major effort and discipline and prayer to rise above moods and irritations and frustrations while we are in the waiting place.


Most recently we found out that the investors were requiring another appraisal on the new house. They had one in hand, but disqualified it in accordance with some of their guidelines. A second appraisal was done. It, too, disqualified. Really? Seriously?

I have said throughout this experience that I really do think at this place in my life that I trust God and His timing, but I do not understand it at all. At all. I'm fairly certain He's not surprised by that. Actually I'm completely sure He's not surprised by it. And if God is a chuckler, I'm pretty positive He's had a good laugh knowing what He had cooking while I sat and scowled.

A third appraisal. Done on Friday January 21st, 2011. A weekend followed with us quietly peaceful that at least it had happened quickly after being called for by the investors.

Then the phone rang.

It's J.G. “The appraisal came back $17,000 under the contract price. We've talked about it and we're willing to take the loss, so we need you to come in and sign an amendment to the contract for the new appraisal price.”

Translation: the home we are buying, this miraculous piece of real estate, will now cost us $17,000 less than we originally agreed to pay at the contract signing. Translation: that's $79,900 over the course of the loan. Translation: we will now pay less to live in more house than we pay to live where we are currently.

Uh. Yeah. No kidding.

Translation: wow.
God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us. - Ephesians 3:20


  1. Kingdom economics 101

  2. Amen! If God has you waiting, it is always worth the wait. So glad to see that the Favor of God rests upon y'all!

  3. What fabulous news! Lots of love and prayers and thoughts heading your way through the move!


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