Topic Tumbler Thursday

I realize it would be better illiteration to have "Topic Tumbler Tuesday", but I just thought of it. And it's Thursday. And I want to do it now. So there.

Maybe I'll also implement "This-n-That Tuesday" just to be contrary.

Probably not.

I've been blogging here for just under a month and I thought I would take a post to give you a chance for input. Here's what I'm thinking: I've got a list of topics to post about rolling about in my knucklehead and wonder which in your opinion (if any) would be the most interesting to read about. All of them in some way pertain to this process of winnowing. Have a look at some choices. . .
-feeding the FabFive for $300.00 a month
-Bosak Buttsacks
-Project Kitchen Cleanout
-Ma Luffin' Mayun and my 13th anniversary (note: this would not be a post about the winnowing of clothing leading to unsolicited images of nudity, so don't be afraid)
-photography, family memories, and keepsakes
-spare time, down time, and self-care
-diet and health ("butt weight, there's more!")
-trashcan on wheels (read: family vehicle)
-various and sundry homemade cleaners

Those are just some things I've been thinking about. They may sound interesting. Then again, they may smack of mind-numbing boredom. I don't actually know. What do you think?

I'm open to suggestions. Tell me what you think of these options. Tell me what you might want to see on here that I haven't thought of. Or tell me if you think this blog stinks and should be shut down and deleted from the collective conscience of every person who has suffered through one of my posts.

I'll work on the calibrations of the memory eraser in the mean time.

How's my driving? Leave me a comment, whoever you are...


  1. I love them all! Can't wait to read!

  2. Top 3 favs:
    1. feeding the FabFive for $300.00 a month
    2. Ma Luffin' Mayun and my 13th anniversary
    3. wardrobe

    Can't wait to read them alllll!

  3. I like the top 3 idea, because I, too, want to hear them all eventually!

    feeding the Fab Five
    spare time, down time, & self-care
    various homemade cleaners


  4. Anonymous1:55:00 PM

    All of them. A new one every day! Keep 'em comin'. ILY.



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