Monday, Monday (ba-dah, ba-da-da-dah)

There you go, a little Mamas and the Papas for you.

I just finished an epic game of Bananagrams (read: in the top two of Best Games Ever) with Ma Luffin' Mayun, so my daily allotment of intellect (wanting to begin with) is beyond spent. (I won, by the way. We finished at almost the exact same time, him a little before me, but he misspelled a word so I win. **Find the word he misspelled and I'll send you a cookie. Seriously!)

I'm tired. REALLY tired.

We're blessed around here to generally have weekends that stay pretty free from plans other than just being together as a family, getting into whatever we decide in the moment. Some weekends are a polar opposite to that and seem to be full from closing time on Friday straight through to Monday morning. This weekend fit the latter description. I had big winnowing plans for Saturday and made sure the FabFive knew about them on Friday night. They nodded and went on with life. Then Saturday morning arrived and almost from the outset, not one thing I planned to do got done. Not.one. All day. The entire day. Not.one.thing.

It certainly wasn't a bad day. In fact, it had a lot of good in it. But there seemed to be a huge presence of the tyranny of the urgent throwing it's grotesque weight around. I am not easily ruffled or worn down in my patience, but I ended Saturday really exhausted, more than a little befuddled, and beyond ready to just go to bed and hit the reset button.

I'm tired, but there are lots of good things going on around here. And since I recently heard there was a study done by every other person who has ever lived in the history of the world that determined sleep is a good thing when you're really tired, I'll try to keep it brief using Ye Olde Bullet Points...

-Brilliant Beauty and her messy room, paired with the subsequent meltdown when she was told to clean it, got an unplanned bedroom beatdown on Saturday. I consistently help her winnow her room (otherwise her sentimental illness would dictate saving a scrap of every little thing she's ever touched), but we still filled one thirty-gallon trashbag with clothing and toys to give away, and another one half-way with just plain trash (papers, broken toys, etc.). Sheesh. I just started writing out some more of the details, but I think it deserves it's own post, so we'll save it for later.

-Laundry is the order of the day for tomorrow. I've got to get it caught up. The air is starting to thin out near the top of the pile.

-Little Big Man is still riding the PottyTrain and doing pretty well. We're not to the destination, but we're getting there and the ride isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

-It's time, no Time, with a capital T. Time to get a grip and winnow some weight. I'll tell you what's in the plan for making this happen. I'm excited and already have my feet on the path. We'll see.

-The kitchen's winnowed, Brilliant Beauty's room is winnowed, the living room is in process, and Little Big Man's room is next. Hopefully, it will be quick, fast, and in a hurry. Afterall, how much can a person have who's only been on the planet for under three year? (you don't want to know...)

-I'm loving Ma Luffin' Mayun's and my upcoming thirteenth anniversary. I'll post about it this week.

skj OIr fs .ffs.;kioooooooooooooooooooooooooo . . . okay, I'm basically falling asleep as I type. I think I'll go conduct my own research study to see if all this talk in praise of sleep for curing tiredness is really accurate.

I got nothing but love for ya, blogosphere homeslices, but I've got to go to bed.

P.S. Here's our Bananagrams game** (on the table my mom used to do her homework on when she was a kid...I love it, ESPECIALLY where the finish is rubbed off) Don't forget to find the misspelled word!

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