. . . like to the tune of "Riiiii-cola". Get it? Ha, ha, ha, heh, heh . . . heh . . . heh . . . hm.


Moving on . . .

I called around in our county and found that the recycling effort is indeed limited to newspaper and cardboard. Well, we don't take "the paper" ("thehs pehper contehns focts") and we aren't typically rolling in cardboard, so fatlottagood that would do us. We are nearly just over the line from another county, the one Ma Luffin' Mayun and I grew up in, and they have a recycling location only five minutes from Quaint Cottage. In addition, the recycling station is right beside our library of choice, as well as where we like to take walks as a family. I was under the impression we couldn't recycle there since we are not residents of the county. After a quick phone call and brief conversation with the dude at the recycling facility, I found out its a GO for dropping off our paper, plastic, glass, and metal at no cost to us and at a site near places we frequent regularly any way. I call that a score.

The Mini-Me Posse and I went to the Big Bullseye (because WallyWorld is still The Forbidden Place to the occupants of Quaint Cottage . . . that's a story for another day) and purchased three bins with lids to use for recycling. One we labeled for paper, another for plastic, and the third is on standby until we figure out it's best use after navigating recycling for a while. We can just fill those bins up, slap their lids on, throw them in the Jeep, and haul them over to have their contents be reincarnated. Pretty cool.

We found a good home for the bins in the laundry room. Everybody seems "on board" so we'll see how it goes.

P.S. I will be trying another winnowing/frugal project in the next day or so, but "mum's the word" until I see the initial results. Then I'll let you know, pass or fail!
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  1. In Korea, recycling is mandatory, and we LOVED it. We're trying to continue it here, but after 6 weeks, we have yet to find a place to take our mountains of glass baby food jars and other recycling. *sheesh* I was gettin' ready to give 'er up, but you have encouraged me to persevere... at least a few more days... :)


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